• Minex Miners Carbide Lamp

    Minex Miners Carbide Lamp

    The popular carbide lamp is available again.    Safe, simple and durable design of solid brass. Water in the top chamber drips onto carbide fuel in the lower chamber which produces acetylene gas. A small amount of pressure builds up to push...
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  • Miners Grade Calcium Carbide

    Miners Grade Calcium Carbide

      The Miners Grade Calcium Carbide is delivered to your door in five two-pound (quart) containers. The flat rate price covers all HAZMAT and delivery fees. It can only be shipped to addresses in the contiguous United States. This is the only amount...
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  • Kong Express Dyneema

    Kong Express Dyneema

    Dyneema webbing for quickdraws for mountaineering, climbing, caving, canyoning.Available in 4 lengths: 12, 16, 21, 26 cmWidth 13 mmLoad 22 kNHigh quality product completely developed and produced in Italy.  
    $4.99 - $6.99
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  • Petzl Boreo Caving Helmet (New 2023) Petzl Boreo Caving Helmet (New 2023)

    Petzl Boreo Caving Helmet (New 2023)

    Caving helmet with mounting plates for DUO headlamp Are you a fan of subterranean exploration? The BOREO CAVING helmet is specifically designed for caving. The design provides greater coverage for enhanced head protection, and is compact and ventilated...
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  • PMI® 9 mm Max Wear™ Pit Rope

    PMI® 9 mm Max Wear™ Pit Rope

    Considered the Gold Standard of caving ropes by recreational cavers and rescuers alike, PMI Pit Rope is one of the burliest and longest-lasting ropes available today. The Max-Wear sheath is designed to withstand the harshest of cave environments and...
    $80.80 - $970.40
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  • PMI® 8 mm Dura-Shield Explorer Rope PMI® 8 mm Dura-Shield Explorer Rope

    PMI® 8 mm Dura-Shield Explorer Rope

    PMI’s 8mm expedition rope is ideal for everything from caving to canyoneering and any other adventure that you can conceive! It is a lightweight, abrasion-resistant static rope that repels water and handles great while ascending and descending...
    $206.10 - $661.80
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  • PMI® Caver’s Cow’s Tail

    PMI® Caver’s Cow’s Tail

    Use this personal connection/positioning strap in ascending systems, or as a safety on a traverse line, or at a belay station. Requires carabiners for proper use. Specifications: Weight:  .17 lbs. Static Load Limit:  589 lbf Shock Load Factor...
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  • PMI® Pit Viper Caving Harness

    PMI® Pit Viper Caving Harness

    The PMI® Pit Viper Caving Harness features a low profile and very low frontal attachment point, making it an excellent choice for cave exploration or cave rescue. Designed to work with PMI® Frog Chest Harness. Sizes: Standard Waist: ...
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  • PMI® Crawler Knee Pads

    PMI® Crawler Knee Pads

    The toughest knee pads you’ll ever wear. Made from Cordura® packcloth and Neoprene padding, they are comfortable enough to wear all day but sturdy enough for the dirtiest job. Weight:  12.3 oz Length:  17"
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